The Author

After leaving the big city of Cairo behind, author Sahar Maurice was heading to the new, evolving, touristic city of Hurghada, on the Red Sea. She was looking for work after she earned her degree in Architecture. She got a chance to work in a company building a Hilton hotel. A free girl in her late-twenties still has limitations, including keeping her dignity high and her respect of an important man, who came to launch project to save the coral reef. He understood that Sahar’s limits has to be treated with respect. Sahar felt the need to research the Quran and then translate that research.
In this book, she pays tribute to this great opportunity that gave her a vast knowledge about a connection to the Higher Power. Sahar married Mark, after 6 months of their loving relationship. Thinking now of what brother Alaa told her back then; how do you trust men who have different faith than yours? Indeed! Trust is in the intellectual minds.